About Me

I'm a UPSC Civil Services aspirant, with Political Science and International Relations as an optional subject. I have been preparing for this exam for a while now. So I decided to create this blog, keeping in mind all the issues that I had faced while doing the preparation and trying my best to eliminate those for the beginners who just don't know where to start. I will try to keep the language as simple and fluid as possible to make it easy for the beginners to grasp the concepts. I will be constantly revising and updating the content to eventually make this blog a one stop destination for polity preparation. In the beginning, the concept might focus more on mains and might lack factual facts and information from prelims point of view. But over time I will incorporate everything. Kindly bear with the short-comings and do mention the flaws that you encounter while reading any blog. Constructive criticism is always welcome, even if it is harsh and blunt. So don't hesitate to point out anything your find out of the place.
I have done B.Tech in Biotechnology. I have worked in FMCG industry as well as in IT industry. I was fortunate enough to afford coaching for Civil Services Exam from a well renounced institute in Delhi. So I decided why not to help the less fortunates who can't afford it but has strong determination and passion to pursue this exam and serve the nation. 
Hope you enjoy the learning experience from this blog and once again, any sort of criticism is most welcome in comment section. Enjoy Learning. 

Kindly use the search bar to get the maximum out of this blog. I have labelled all the blogs to best of my knowledge. So just type in the topic and hopefully you will find a blog to resolve your query.


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